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We just returned from our 7 day Solstice cruise visiting San Juan, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten. The ship was beautiful, the cabins were spacious with a good amount of storage space, balcony was standard size with 2 chairs and a table. There were plenty of shops on board, the casino was large and very tight, there were plenty of extra charge areas. There were 3 pools and 6 hot tubs. One of the pools was in the enclosed area with 2 of the hot tubs. Finding a deck chair didn't seem to be a problem. I'll post pictures soon.

We bought drink packages, I bought the frozen package and my husband bought the alcohol package. These were very restrictive and not worth the price of the package.

We did 2 snorkel trips through the ship. Both were very nice, but the one in St. Maarten, the Tiki Hut snorkel was the best. There was actually things to see from the Tiki Hut. It was a floating dock type set up with a bar, lounge chairs, and a pool for those who had not snorkled before. They had good equipment for rental if you don't have your own. The operators were really great. And the best part was you could stay as long as you liked. When you were ready to return, they would take you to town or back to the ship, free of charge.

If you're trying to quit smoking, Celebrity is definitely the line for you. Smoking areas are VERY limited.

The food and the service were less than stellar, in fact, IHOP is better. I hate to say that because I had heard such rave reviews. The entertainment was just ok. Definitely no "wow" factor.

There was a good age mix on board, including a pretty good group of children considering school was not out. I'm sure this last sailing was full of children.

I'm glad to say, Princess is still my favorite, since they are less expensive than Celebrity. This was my first and sadly my last cruise on Celebrity. They're just not for me. Happy Holidays!