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I do intend to bring it up on the ship when the desk is not busy. After looking at the prices on their web site there does not appear to be a benefit to booking a back to back. There may be an advantage if only one set of port charges apply though. Another advantage for us is that we live on the West coast and air travel is getting expensive, why not cruise for 14 days after flying all that way? The back to back in question was a Southern Caribbean (9 day) and a Western Caribbean (5) day) on the Jewel in 2008. When we first boarded we received a set of Latitude pins and the usual invite to meet the Captain, then after we re-boarded in Miami another set of pins were in our cabin along with another invite. I am just pleased we now know the rules so to speak, we may never achieve platinum status but I would not want to miss by one disputed cruise.