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What a fast week, it always is when your cruising. We really enjoyed the Summit, she is still in great shape and the crew is a happy crew. Everyone was so nice and always smiling. We spoke to one crew member who won't leave the Summit he has been on her for 6 years, he told us they were one happy family and it shows! I found the food to be very good. I am not a buffet person (not because of the food) I hate walking around with a tray looking for a seat. I like to be waited on when on vacation. I did try it several times and it was very good. We did take our Daughter and Son-in-law to the Normandy one evening, it of course is outstanding. We have done it a few times in the Ocean liner on the Constellation so for us, I don't really need to try it again but if you haven't do it at least once. We had the cabin in the very aft in CC class it was a very nice cabin and they took excellent care of us. My Daughter was in a Cat 2b balcony very nice as well. My son-in-law got a drink package that I did not see before it was called a Classic Package for $275 he could have anything from specialty coffees, beer, smoothies, frozen drinks (anything $8 and under) that I was thinking was pretty good. The Bar crew always keep them coming with no problem he got his $$$$ worth. They also offered 2 drinks for 1 from 4 to 6, even on the specials of the day so I had 2 frozen drinks for $5.75 and they were so good! Shows were very good but we only went to 3 of them. I will miss the Cova Cafe, it was a nice spot in the afternoon, I will enjoy the Crepes in Bistro on 5 and I do love Murano's. I have nothing but good thinks to say about the crew, food, and ship. The Dining Room was off the first 2 nights, it took a while for each course, we were told they had request for over 70 tables for 2 and were trying to accomodate everyone, after that it was fine. Looking forward to the Infinity in January and hoping for a happy crew!!
I remember someone posting that the crew had vanished her railing on her Balcony and thus rendering her Balcony useless..I had to laugh at that one, ours was freshly vanished also and was dry in about 5 hours. Someone also said he loved the pool on the Summit the best but it looked the same to me as the Constellation. I did not use room service but 1 time on this course and it was yummy too! ( notice how food seems to be my main focus LOL)
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