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We stayed at the Reinassance Riverwalk and our hotel room overlooked where the train goes under the Convention Center.

I saw a lot of coal....and a lot of long trains packed with containers.

This did not look like local traffic to me.

We left the Renaissance at 11AM and the traffic was already backed up to the Interstate. By the time we got in line, it was several blocks north of the Interstate.

The police were not even getting out of their car. They would roll down the window and wave their arms.

Apparently, they do not open the garage until it is 95% empty from the previous cruise.....

We were finally re-routed to the overflow lot at the Altel Center (without any information about where we were going)....again some cop in a car waving his arm out the window.

We finally got parked and on the shuttle around 12:45pm ish. Almost two hours of battling that thank you....

once we got went pretty smoothly except for one Carnival Rep who made a snotty remark about us.

She could not find our name on the VIP Check In list she asked to see the Fun Pass (which clearly had VIP on it). She said "go ahead".

She then turned to another Rep and said " I don't think they are suppose to be VIP...I don't know how they got that on their Fun Pass."

Hubby heard it...I did not. He did not tell me until later because IF I had heard it...I would have educated her quickly on what a WHITE CARD was.

There were 7 Milestone and hubby had the most cruises on this cruise.