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We were on a 7 day HAL cruise out of Vancouver. We booked on the ship, but I am sure all ships have the same excursion. If you Google Photo Safari by land and sea you will get it. I started to book direct, and found out it was about $10.00 higher.
They also have a great tour out of Skagway, we plan to do it on our next cruise to Alaska. It is an all day excursion, you take a small book to to Haines. I was told by a Gentleman that was on that excursion that Bear, and other wildlife were plentiful.
I have seen wildlife on many excursions, but getting a photo of them is different. Most people do not want to see a photo of a dark dot that you are calling a bear.
Even if you take an excursion that looks for wild life, you might need a telephoto lens to capture a good shoot. I had my 70-300, next time I will have at least a 500mm.
Africa sounds great!! We are looking at Australia in 2012. Maybe taking a cruise out of there, and doing a few weeks on land by ourselves.
We are doing Yellowstone, Grand Tetons next summer. One of my Uncles is wanting me to join him on a WWII Pacific Vacation, that might also happen.
Cruise Photos from Mexico and Alaska