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Yes, looking at the deck plans is very much like looking at a road map. Top of both is North (front or bow) of ship, so Port side is the left of the page and the starboard side is the right side of the ship. We have always stayed in a balcony suite on the Mariner, usually on the 9th deck, port side. If you can swing the extra cash for a balcony suite, do so. It is sooo worth the extra. The room is slightly bigger, with the bed, a couch, sliding glass doors to the balcony, which is about 3' x 8' with two chairs and a small table-perfect for morning coffee and watching the sun rise. Depending on the time of year you choose to sail, the same cabin could be a lot less. We usually sail in September in the caribbean, when the prices are a little less due to weather in the area. However, as one of her captains, Captain Johnnie said, " This is a ship-if there is bad weather there, we'll go over there instead". Mariner used to be based in Port Canaveral, Fla, then moved to the left coast. She is to move again, but I've forgotten to where. She is a great ship, and you will enjoy her.
Have a great cruise!! If this will be your first time, you'll be hooked.

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