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This is an old one that I have revised and added a verse.

Sea Dreams

Somewhere within the secret soul of every man
There dwells the memory of a wind swept sea
Which manifests into a Siren song.
The echos of the past sing, "Come to me."

Whether we were once upon a pirate ship
Or searched the churning Northern seas for whales,
The salt breeze found it way into our veins
And made us hunger for the towering sails.

Perhaps we were the Pilgrims on a sailing ship
And feared we'd never see the sight of land,
Or crossed the south Pacific in a tiny boat
That beached upon a shore of golden sand.

The spirit of the sea is always with us.
In love of sailing, we are not alone.
It dwelled with Vikings on the icy waves
And with Colombus in his search for lands unknown

When all is calm, we feel the sea within us.
It calls to us no matter what we do.
So we must venture upon the waves again
To sail, to cruise across the boundless blue.