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Hi Poormom

Everything that Lharry said is on the money. We were on Explorer of the Seas a few years back with our boys (teens) and it is a large ship 138000 tons. The boys hung out in the teen lounge, in the disco - it was open only up to a certain time 10 maybe for kids or where the pizza was located. We made sure they went on tours with us when we hit the islands. Really it was only at night that they hung out with friends after dinner type of thing. We made sure they ate dinner with us in the dining room every morning and we let them socialize with friends for breakfast. We carried large post it notes with us and used the mirror in our stateroom to communicate with them. When we had sea days, we always made sure that they knew where we would be sitting. That way they know they could pass by and say hello which they did. The rule was absolutely no entering friends' cabins. They also hung out a lot on the top deck with the miniature golf and the rock climbing needed a parent signature I believe to climb and I think they could only do it once per hour. There is a great basketball court too and they spent a fair amount of time there. I told them no going outside on deck on the high decks at night however when it was windy. Have a great trip.