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Hello Joe Joe, and welcome to Cruise-Chat;

congratulations on your decision to try cruising; you will love it! Ship security is less stringent than airport security, but I'll assume you are asking about airport security.

You can save yourself a lot of time and inconvenience if you carry a letter from your doctor explaining your implants, and also by carrying your perscriptions in their original bottles. These are not requirements; but they can surely save a lot of explaining at the airport.

And putting TSA approved locks on your luggage is a must; it won't guarantee that your belongings will be safe--but it will help. And since you are new to traveling, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to NOT PUT valuables in your checked luggage--and that includes your medications. Anyting you want to be 100% sure makes it to your destination, you need to carry yourself!

I have not been to Bermuda; but from what I've read here, it is very easy to get around on your own. You don't need to purchase a land excursion to get off the ship anyplace but Russia.

Hope that helps, Joe Joe. Any more questions, we love to help.