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We are thinking about taking a cruise in early July with our 7 year old twin girls. We initially thought about the Carribean, but I have always been dying to do an Alaskan cruise. Here are some of my questions-

1. What cruise lines work best for 7 year olds (for either destination)?
2. Will they be bored at the ports in Alaska?
3. We would like to do a cruise that starts and ends in the same place. Since the ship wouldn't go as far north, would that limit our chances of seeing whales, eagles, bears, etc?
4. Can you see wildlife from the ship or only on land tours (except for the whales of course!)
5. If we head to the Carribean, any suggestions on what ports would be best for kids? Any to avoid?

Any other comments or suggestions would be welcome. My husband and I took one cruise 10 years ago, and he wasn't thrilled (it was a CCL from NY to Canada- bad weather, very boring!), so I feel like this is my last chance to sell him on the cruise concept! As much as I love Disney, I'm ready for something else!

Thanks again!