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All I can do is say exactly what everyone else has. Except, I'd like to welcome you to our board, too Yes, weather happens. Yes, we have missed some ports due to weather. Yes, there was a little sarcasm in the reply. I think your travel agent was trying to pass blame. If there is another port available, customs and immigration can be dispatched, the vessel can get cleared, the government agencies give their blessings, dock space is available, etc., etc., then they will try to substitute a port for the one you lost. To me, an extra sea day of being pampered, I think I'd be a very happy camper. How lucky you are to have been able to sail such an upscale ship. How wonderful to have been able to spend that extra time with your loved one. Congratulations on your up-coming wedding, too! As an old married lady, just want to warn you, marriage isn't always smooth sailing, either. Once in a while you might have some stormy weather. However, it is all worth it in the end

I'm not trying to diminish your disappointment because I know you were looking forward to seeing the port. We're just trying to be honest, it does happen. Don't give up cruising, it's a wonderful way to spend your vacation. Here's hoping your next one will have great weather! Best wishes!