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I realize that this post was started a couple of months ago, so I'm not sure if this is still relevant, but we did the Hurtigruten in 2003. Although it was a nice cruise, they have very small ships and I have to say I was very bored on it. There was absolutely no entertainment of any kind on board. Although I loved the stops, fishing villages, etc., sometimes they were in the morning and we were back on the ship by 11 a.m. We didn't have dinner until the late seating of 8:30 and all there was to do was look out at the scenery (which was pretty but it didn't change that much. The ship we were on (Trollfjord) didn't have a swimming pool and it would have been too cold to even lay out (we went at the end of August)so like I said, it was pretty boring to me. The service was very friendly and efficient. My husband loved the food because he is a seafood lover, but I would absolutely never do that cruise again. I'm sure some people who really want the quiet would like it though.
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