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This afternoons instalment!!

Sports Deck and Pools

Right here we go, ok well I love the fact that the ship is sooo much wider than other ships we've sailed on having said that theres a big hole in the middle!!! Leaving lovely light streaming onto Central Park.

I felt when the band played by the pool decks they were kinda playing into that 'hole' if you know what I mean, there were people on either side of them but just that empty space in front! I found this area quite busy, I know our sailing was full with 6200 passengers I believe and 2104 staff, so it was pretty mad. I had asked Dave about reggae music before I left but I surprised myself by staying in the Solarium rather than the pool decks with the band. It was far more relaxing. there were 500 children on board but they never bothered us Im assuming they were mostly involved in the adventure ocean thingy. and of course older children were in School.

The two flow riders were busy all the time. I saw some guys get really annoyed because they were sprayed with water from people on the flowriders, now these people were looking for a birds eye view of the action and were sitting on the bottom row of tiered seating, not sure if they expected free umbrellas to be delivered or what but I thought it was a bit unnecessary to start showing the long face and the 'Oh My God' how could that happen look! So just sit up on the back row you're not going to get wet there, and anyway its only a bit of a laugh! The flow rider on one side catered for surfers who wanted to stand up and surf and the other one catered for boogie boarders. i honestly dont know how the staff keep up the momentum and patience, because of the queues up the side of the flow rider, the kids get their two minutes of fame, get wiped out and are back in line before you can blink!

It was great fun to watch and it ran from 9am to 6pm daily, you can also avail of private lessons at a cost of course if you want to improve your skills. The little golf course thingy was near these two flow riders along with a bar in the centre.

Its nice to look down on Central Park from the sports deck and its lovely at night with all the twinkling little lights, and of course you have the zip line here too. I didnt go on it but the few people I did nearly crashed on the other side, you land with some 'bang' off the end. thats why they're wearing crash helmets, they've just built up momentum when the whole thing is over!! Wouldnt like to be in one of the rooms over looking central park with people on the zip line roaring all the way for the 10 seconds it takes to do the trip!!!

Again you have the usual basket ball court, table tennis which is now indoors, then the kids night club and hangouts.

Although there were plenty free sun beds it seemed very busy on sea days.

The pools around were pretty busy too one night Id say there were close on 32 people in the jacuzzi that over looks the water, cant think of the name of it. Im like hmmm someones gonna land that thing in the sea if anyone else pops their bum in there!

Over all the sports decks were fine, busy, and the only slight problem is the band playing in the centre are playing to 'nothing' as there is the big 'hole' in front of them, im sure it bothers no one when you're lying out with your eyes closed, but me,, im fussy!!!!!