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Well i am confused.. I think Carnival made a mistake on my fare.. First i was in a PT room,we got our $100.00 certificate applied.. I upgraded to a cat 6a oceanview for $120.00 more for that cabin, 2 days later the fare dropped,I did the form and got $40.00 reduced off of my balance due. I called yesterday and asked if we could move our cabin 6 cabins down since i found out that the one I had could be noisy since its near a crew only section. She said there would be no change in fare, so we did the change.. Long story short my $80.00 that i still owed became $0.00 owed? huh, yes. I still should owe carnival $80.00 but somehow the balanced due went to 0.. The cabin rate for this room is at this time $379.00,, but on my view my bill section at it says $339.00.. It is still $379.00 this morning. They made a mistake somewhere for the better for me..

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