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As Jim said, you can do these ports on your own which will save you hundreds of dollars (in each port) and probably be more fun. But you need to do your pre trip homework (we love to just sit in a Borders, sip coffee, and read their travel guides) and make some decisions on what you want to accomplish in each port. Then, we can help you with the details. As a starter, you can get to Pompeii from Naples by using the train (very cheap), there is also very good and cheap train service between Civitavecchia and Rome as well as Livorno and Florence. With a family of 5 using the trains will save you lots of money over cruise line transfers. As an example, the train between Civitavecchia and Rome costs 9 Euros which gets you a BIRG Pass that includes round trip regional train and unlimited use of Rome's metro (subway) and buses all day.