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Thanks.. For some odd reason I thought you had to pay for coffee..Some how in same ball park as soda and juice..Although RCCL doesn't offer that kind of package. Not sure why I thought that..(probally cause every other beverage is NOT free)We are definatally doing chops reservation..I already booked the Mystery dinner in Portofino (1st night) Chops will be 2nd or last night of cruise.."free sailing" nights..NO stops.
I already got my husband to soda package (he said he will purchase mine).
Seriously thinking of renting walkie talkies..(I THINK Dave said or I read on website Freedom offers them)..I am an early bird I get up early 5 days a week for work..habit thing. And I thinks it's cheaper to rent them than to go through Verizon wireless to get the international charge for a week (or whatever they call it)..So in case I go work out or go get myself lost on ship he can find me (through walkie talkie)

Thanks ALOT

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