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I have been on several and did Lindblad Expedition's cruise in the Sea of Cortez. They are an absolutely marvelous way to see an area, and get immersed in everything the area has to offer, with naturalists on board that do everything from scuba dive to animal trackers, whale experts who lower microphones to listen to the whales and swimming with the sea lions plus hiking on nearly deserted islands as you learn about the plants and animals that coexist in this environment. The cabins are very basic..the 3 s type...and it can be rough as the ships are small. We were on over New Years time, and we did have a few evenings of very rough weather, but that being said, we did not leave or use the planned path, but rather waited out some of the weather and totally adjusted the routing of our trip which is the beauty of small ships. The food was good, not ultimate gourmet or as good as on some other small ships and expedition ships I have been on before, but definitely fresh and good.

Kayaks, zodiaks and snorkeling and scuba equipment and other water equipment all on board and at no extra charge.

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