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FYI (not really a :warning: but just be aware) ...

the Charleston port can be "interesting"...I just had friends that got off the ship on Saturday.

They are "EARLY ARRIVERS"...they got to the port at 10:30am, but could not enter the terminal until 11:30am...

It seems that when you arrive, you give your luggage to the porters and then go park your car....and then you must get on a SHUTTLE to get to the port terminal.

They were there at 10:30am...BUT they said the first shuttle did not leave for an hour....which meant standing around in the heat for an hour waiting....

you put your carry ons under the bus....

I know it is weird to have to take a shuttle the very short distance to the terminal doors..but that is what is just be aware....
Yes, it is interesting to say the least! I wrote some comments about this in this thread. I was only there for a ship inspection and couldn't believe the confusion on the pier. Guests were being redirected back to the warehouse to take a shuttle back. This was at the top of my list to address to Carnival's area manager for South Carolina. She said "Dwayne be patient, a new terminal is coming". This was back in June, and Charleston voted it in just in the last two weeks.

It is a nutty thing they have going on there, and I was a little put off by this as I have campaigned for several years for Carnival to bring a year round ship here. Even guests arriving by taxi have to go to the parking/shuttle pick up area, then take a shuttle back to the terminal entrance at last check. I hope the new terminal solves this issue.