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If you can I would leave the day before or have insurance. A relative was 5 1/2 hours late arriving in Florida this past Sunday. They were going to a private residence so not as concerning as catching a cruise. They thought they would be out first thing but the airplane had already made stops at two other cities that morning and got caught up in bad weather and security delays. When the airplane did get in so they could board, the crew had to be changed because of being over their duty time. Airlines now run their airplanes almost 24/7. Another time I went with five other single women on a cruise and when we showed up for our same day flight we were told to come back the next day. To make a long story short we ganged up on the agent and she arranged for us to fly on a competing airline. Arrived on ship at 2 that afternoon. Also remember that you have to be on the ship an hour and half before sailing time to be cleared by customs.

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