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Hi! New to cruise chat and not usually a poster, but I thought I'd share my experiences and my sister's as well.

I'm very prone to motion sickness and it's getting worse as I get older as well. My first cruise I tried dramamine and that didn't work at all, but found Bonine in the first port and it worked a couple of nights. The last night it seemed to stop working since I was sick as a dog again. So with my last cruise I tried the patch. I absolutley loved it! Didn't feel a thing at all!

Now my sister has a pretty tough stomach. She got a bit queasy and tried the bonine the last night and she felt fine on that first cruise. On the second she started straight off with the Bonine and was fine, but we didn't realize until later that her excessive sleepiness was probably due to the pills. She stopped taking them and was fine through the rest of the cruise.

Now the only thing I can say for the patch, I may have had one side affect or it could have been I was extremely tired from all the fun we were having, but on the second to last night of the cruise I guess I started "snarfling" in my sleep (remember Thunder Cats?). I guess I also was making weird faces and flailing one of my arms. She thought the whole time I was awake and was joking around, but her laughter woke me up and it was obvious I had been really sleeping. Oh well, either way I'll be taking it again on my next cruise. If nothing else it makes a great story just wish I had it on video tape.