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Hi Keith & Rita, congratulations on your upcoming cruises. I think you'll like the Renaissance. We stayed there last July. They had a happy hour in the lounge, we ate in their restaurant upstairs. Wish I could remember the name, but the food was pretty good, pricey though. There were a couple of places across the street from the hotel, but the area didn't look that good to me, so we just stayed in the hotel. I'm sure it was ok, but I had never been there before. If I had known that Wintzells was nearby, I would have definitely gone there. We stayed there because they had the cruise and park. They will take you to the cruise port and drop you off with your luggage. When we returned, I called them, and they were there in about 20 minutes. It was really easy to get back to the highway, too. I would have liked to have spent some time there after the cruise, but my hubby wanted to go home. The best thing was, when we went up for breakfast, we could see the Holiday waiting for us. I even saw her go by to the turning basin, then I walked over to watch her dock. We spent the time before we could board trying to find some batteries and something else my hubby had forgotten.