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Dear Chuckles,

We were not able to drive into the port gates until 10:30 am on the day of departure. We went through security at 10:45 am and were placed in a lounge after that until they started the boarding process which meant checking in at the counter. That started at about 11:30 am. This was for the Xmas cruise on Emerald. We were on the ship at 12 noon. They tried to steer everyone up to the buffet for lunch but the one of the dining rooms was in fact open and we ate there. One of the diningrooms will be open either on Deck 5 or Deck 6. Our cabins were ready at 1:15 pm. Of course, mine was completely saturated with smoke from a previous smoker and luckily Princess was able to move me to another cabin from inside to balcony. Thanks Princess.