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Thanks, Judy, Jan & Billy. Your replies have helped. I was most concerned about the service, to tell the truth. So many people complain about NCL's service that it made me wonder whether this was a good idea or not. However, I know that most of the problems have been on POA out of Hawaii.

One thing I wonder about the Gem is whether the bathrooms are similar to what I heard they did to the Epic where the shower and commode areas are separate and enclosed only by frosted glass.

The other question I had is about the non-specialty dining. Billy, since you've been on her more than once, can you tell me how the food was? And, I heard they don't have a buffet, but then I heard they *do* have a buffet, but that it's set up more like a lot of the buffets here in Las Vegas where there are separate stations for Italian, Mexican, American, etc. True?

Thanks, again!!

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