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The cab fare from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami will run around $75. Not sure which hotels offer shuttle service from the airport to their hotels. We've stayed at the Renaissance, Westin, Sea Club, TropiRock, Hyatt Pier 66, and Sheraton Yankee Clipper. None of which offered shuttle service that I know of. We had purchased the package through the cruise line for a few of the hotels, shuttle was included. The Sleep Inn in Dania has been recommended on this board by other cruises. Embassy Suites and Comfort Inn has also been recommended, again not sure about the shuttle. Anything on 17th Street Causeway will be close to the airport, anything on A1A will be further away, but should not be anymore than $25 cab ride. The Renaissance, Embassy Suites and Comfort Inn should be around $10 cab fare, Hyatt Pier 66 around $15. This might help.