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Hey Vietvet,

WE have been on Jewel several times over the last few years (last time if memory serves me late Oct 2008 out of NewYork for a 12 day). Great ship. Yes, they do nickel and dime you but we are cheap. We buy one or two bottles of wine in the dining rooms and let them follow us around each evening and we do not buy drinks from the bar. We spend our money on excursions and shopping expeditions instead off the ship. I found the Cirque Bijou entertainers fabulous. Don't know if they still have them. But I must say they were the best I have ever seen other than the skaters on RCCL ships. We loved the food, the anytime dining. Of course, I guess our best experiences involved just sitting on our balcony on a 12 day and enjoying breakfast outside. Don't know what type of cabin you have but we found balcony gave us more freedom on such a long cruise. Enjoy your cruise. YOu must be so excited.