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St. Lucia is a wonderful departure from standard Caribbean life. The city of Castries offers an abundance of activity and culture. Take a day cruise around the Pitons and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You can drive into one of the worlds only open calderas. (don't miss the strange breed of goats that seem to live unfazed on the steaming sulfur pits at the bottom of the gorge) You can buy a day pass at any of the Sandals resorts to enjoy their all-inclusive facilities. If you are the least bit timid about international driving, I would not recommend renting a vehicle. The roads are not for the meek of heart. Named after the Pitons that are much famed on the island, make sure to try some Piton beer. It is a delicious refreshment that has limited availability anywhere but in the Caribbean. (It is not very cost effective to have shipped to Alabama... mucho expensive) Enjoy St. Lucia. It is truly a gem among gems.