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Hi all! I just found this website, whilst googling a forum to chat with other people about their cruises. My husband and I have a cruise booked on the Star going to Alaska in May for our anniversary (YAY!). It's been 3 years since our last cruise and we are soooo ready to go.

We managed to get a reeaaaalllly good deal on our cruise, and because of the substantial savings, our pocketbooks allowed us to upgrade ourselves from the oceanview (porthole category) we can usually afford, to a BA category balcony! We're ecstatic about it! We booked ourselves in a balcony on deck 10 of the Star, at the very aft of the ship.

We had heard that a balcony in this location (Aft) was wonderful, but that was word of mouth from someone who had heard it from a friend who was in one. Lol, so just curious if anyone has traveled on (ANY) cruise in a balcony cabin at the very aft... would LOVE to hear your input and what you thought about it! Is it better/worse than a port/starboard balcony??? Especially considering its Alaska we're talking about (fingers crossed for LOTS of wildlife and glaciers!)

Cheers! - Kris