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Good day, we just arrive back from a wonderful cruise on the Grand and it was Grand!!!
Just one point of interest, we asked for a table for 2 in the traditional dinning room, however when we went the first night we were at table for 10. We talk to the head person and he advise us that there are never any tables for 2 and this happens every cruise. We advise him that we want a table for 2 and they were very good. They gave us a regular table in the anytime dinning room for the rest of the trip at 6PM. This work out great. Also we notice that almost half of the anytime dinning room was for set time. All the tables around us had the same people every night. I think they should have two of the dining rooms available for traditional dining and one for anytime dining. I understand there is always a wait list for traditional dining. Our next cruise we want to book there is a wait list for this traditional dining.