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Hi Titusgoh, welcome to Cruise-Chat! Congratulations on your up-coming wedding and cruise! Sorry your original plans didn't work out, but a cruise is a wonderful way to spend a honeymoon. If you book directly with Princess, please be sure to tell them you're celebrating your honeymoon. Unless things have changed in the last few months, they will put balloons on your door and will give you a cake (small) in the diningroom without charge. They, of course, have honeymoon packages you can purchase as well.

I know I'm partial to Princess, but I honestly feel they offer a great product. For my taste, the food is great, especially the pastries and breads, and soups. As long as you don't get an obstructed or partially obstructed balcony, you should be fine. We've been on the Baja, Caribe, Aloha, and Riviera decks. Probably the Caribe and Aloha are my favorites. However, we've always been satisfied with our cabins. Port or Starboard doesn't make much difference, either.

If there is an excursion that you really, really want, I suggest booking it as soon as you can as many excursions do sell out. I normally book ours as soon as the window opens (usually 120 days before your cruise), and so far have been able to get the excursions I want.

Don't get me wrong, Celebrity offers a good product as well, but Princess is just a better "fit" for us. Every ship we've sailed on, it just feels like we're at home once we step aboard.

You might want to check with Princess, if not your travel agent. They have been offering some great Alaskan packages, hotel/transportation/train and even air. Do some research first, try pricing it out separately, then see what Princess has to offer. Lots of times, it's just not worth the hassel doing it piece by piece.

Please let us know what y'all decide. Happy Honeymoon!