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As is typical, the media loves a story and that story usually spins as hype. For example A child gets hurt playing a sport, when a second child (out of all the children in the country) gets hurt at that sport we have a national crisis.

The government picks up on this and we have to act with more regulations. Let's face it, a government responsible for making rules and regulations must keep making them or they are out of a job. I wonder how much these additional regulations will end up costing the consumer.

Lets look at gastrointestinal outbreaks on ships. Most passengers fly to the disembarkation port. We all know how sanitary the air quality of airplanes is. The incubation time puts the passenger right in the middle of their cruise. Also when we cruise, we are on vacation. When on vacation we tend to eat and drink differently than when at home. While doing this we are on constantly moving object.

In addition to the above we see children and adults going through the buffet lines, and other places, using very poor common sense about sanitation.

I'm not trying to down play the idea of having some sort of plan in place for any possible problem . I'm sure most quality criuse lines do, or will have this. It's good buisness.

Though it sound like it, I'm not a knee-jerking radical rightwinger. I just feel that when the CDC or other similar organizations get involved there's going to be higher costs associated. Especially when the cruiseline, in this case, along with passengers using common sense can do a better job.