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We just finished our 6th NCL cruise 5/1/10 and we have two on another line as well. On the cruise we met a lady with over 160 days on HAL, this was her first full NCL cruise (she had a 2 day to no where cruise). She didn't want to cruise NCL because of some of the reviews she read, after the cruise she just loved it and plans on doing more cruises with NCL, she even picked up some future cruise deposits while on board and is sorry she didn't try NCL before. She has a thread out there with a day by day post of the cruise. As someone else said there is not a bad cruise out there. You don't judge a book so please don't judge a cruise line by what by what you read. NCL has not given me a reason to go elsewhere just reasons to stay. For years I wouldn't cruise HAL because I didn't like the color of their ships, then I did and how wrong I was, they are a great cruise line as well. I feel sure you will like NCL. I will be waiting to hear your review of your two cruises.

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