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I just got back from Birmingham last week aboard a Thomas Cook plane. Leg room was fine. Seats were leather. Tilt was good. Food was absolutely stunningly awful going over but better coming back. Lots of pushing to buy stuff. Relentless. Forty-four lbs. of baggage per person was terrible. Carry on of only 11 lbs. consisted of the weight of the carry-on bag, two belts and a single pair of shoes. Wasn't worth the weight of pulling the carry-on.
Birmingham airport barely glanced at the weight of the luggage but Toronto was vigilant weighing everything to the lb. Awful.

Flew back from Copenhagen 4 weeks ago aboard British Airway and was thrilled. Good food (as far as plane food goes) One hundred pounds of checked luggage per person and a carry-on weighting 22 lbs. Now that's more like it! If we chose to fly cheap we pay the price! I just wanted to get to Birmingham as cheaply as possible due to a missed port stop aboard the Emerald Princess transatlantic Western Europe on May 11/09 due to gale force 8 winds. We were due to meet and tour London by limo with my cousin and friends and couldn't make it. Steamed on to Belgium arriving by 8 that night.

Thomas Cook isn't wonderful but it will get you there and back cheaply and safely. That's what charter flights are all about.