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Hello, I had a great time as well! I took my family to Johnny Rockets one night and the food and service weren't very good, but food in the main dining rooms were superb, especially deserts. We had breakfast and lunch there almost everyday.

The only thing I don't like are all the pictures at the end of every staircase and around the hallways. Some of them look creepy and cold. I don't know how to describe it, but I did not like them at all. Maybe I'm the one doesn't know how to enjoy arts In my opinion, the ones on Independence are much, much nicer!

It was kind funny because I stopped by Sonny's cabin on the first day, hoping to meet Sonny and his wife, but they weren't there. On the second day, we walked around the ship, and when I looked down from Cloud Nine I saw him and his wife sun tanning! I was like "Hey, that's Sonny!" I went down and said hi to Sonny and he looked at me and smiled but had no idea who I was until I introduced myself. Sonny and his wife look young! I did not believe it when he told me his age. I tried to tell him that he and his wife look so much younger in person than in the pictures, but somehow it came out like I said they looked older than the pictures. I didn't realize what I said until after we left and my daughter told me what I said! I was terrified thinking, "Oh no, Sonny and his wife must think I'm crazy!"

Let me tell you about Sonny's wife: she is so sweet and pretty and Sonny is a very nice, kind, and cheerful person. We saw him dancing into the elevator with a drink in hand, and I waved at him at below from the promenade. He saw us and took the elevator back down to talk to us! My husband likes him a lot too. He offered us a few of his Diamond + coupons, but we did not take them because those are his perks. We also saw him and his wife a couple times around the ship. He even joined us one day in the cafe promenade.
Sonny and his wife sent a bottle of wine to our cabin. Thank you Sonny and Esther! Sonny,you are the cruise - chat celebrity not myself, because I've only cruised three times!

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