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Welcome to cruise-chat.

1. Does anyone know of a good hotel in the Port Canaveral area that has shuttle to the boat. I'm so confused after reading the reviews of the hotels and I don't know which one will be a good one. We would like to be walking distance to things once at the hotel.
The Radisson Resort At The Port is the most popular hotel for cruisers at Port Canaveral. They have a free shuttle to the ships. The bad news is there is nothing within walking distance of the hotel. It is a mile or so from the port entrance but there isn't much in the vicinity of the hotel. However they do have a nice restaurant, breakfast buffet, wonderful pool (huge), and a nice bar.
2. If my husband and kids want to do an off shore excursion can I go to and not pay or do I have to meet them at the end of the excursion i.e. in Haiti they want to do the zip line but I don't want to. I'm thinking I can't get off the boat with them since I won't have an excursion pass?
Labadee is Royal Caribbean's private resort in Haiti. As with any port, you don't need to book a tour to leave the ship. Labadee is a beach stop along with things to do such as the zip line. They can do the zip line while you sit on the beach below the zip cables and watch them whip by you. However, to answer your question in general - you can't go along for the ride on excursions unless you pay for it.
3. Also, does anyone know of a good shuttle from airport to hotel.
I assume you are flying into MCO (Orlando). There are several shuttles, all pretty much the same in quality and price. Just google Orlando airport shuttles and find one that you like.