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I got the Dell netbook this morning and am typing this on it. Pretty neat little machine. It has a keyboard that is almost the same size as a full laptop, good image quality, and is quite fast given it's little Intel Atom processor. It does have 1GB of RAM and a 120 GB hard drive so it is not skipping on anything other than not having an optical drive - but I don't need one for travel. 3 USB ports and a SD card port are also included. No fan so it gets a little warm if you are taxing the drive a bit. It came with XP installed, which is a good choice. In many ways I like XP better than Vista - although I think Mac OS X blows them both away. Still, this machine is half the size of my "little" MacBook and is much lighter. We'll see how it goes next week on the Equinox. I'll have a backup since the ship is setting up a media room with desktops we can use.