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How about this for a late booking....just booked a cruise on the Costa Fortuna in a weeks time.

I'm aware of the negative reports and I must admit I have slight concerns about the smoking areas in the bars and the delays to get ashore when the tender is used. (Costa will obviously get the passengers who have paid for excursions off first)

For me, I'm sure the positives will outweigh the negatives, like eating great european/italian food, the european atmosphere around the ship,a chance to visit new places & revisit places I enjoyed before & cruising in & out of Venice in style.

Does anyone know if there is a " bon viaggio " party as the Fortuna sails out of Venice.
What is the Roman Bacchanal Parade I've seen mentioned ? Is it different to the toga party I've also seen mentioned ? Do many dress up for the toga party & take part or is it mainly the staff ?

Does anyone have any other tips they can give me ?