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I am so excited and can hardly wait as this will be my first Celebrity cruise. In addition, this will be my first transatlantic cruise. I am single and traveling with a friend (also single) that I met aboard a MSC cruise. Upon completion of that cruise, it left members of our group seeking to go on a cruise that we could simply enjoy, feel relaxed, and be cared for by the crew. With that being said, we are looking forward to the wonderful service Celebrity has to offer. We have two other friends that may book this cruise a little later if they are able to schedule the time away from home. I am looking forward to getting to know you all online before the Summit sets sail on November 28th. If you are going, please let me hear from you. I can hardly wait for the cruise and I am looking forward to going on some of the great excursions to many wonderful places along the way.

My previous cruises are as follows:
03.12.2005 Princess-Caribbean Eastern Caribbean;
04.08.2006 HAL-ms Veendam Western Caribbean;
12.24.2006 HAL-ms Westerdam Western Caribbean;
08.11.2007 HAL-ms Oosterdam Alaska & Canada;
11.22.2007 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
12.30.2007 CCL-ms Victory Western Caribbean;
05.03.2008 CCL-ms Fantasy Western Caribbean;
11.21.2008 CCL-ms Splendor Eastern Caribbean;
03.04.2009 MSC-Lirica Southern Caribbean