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I did want to add that a few cabins (folks on our roll call that are very reliable) did have a sewer issue. It wasn't just a smell....there was some back flushing into the shower.

Anyone who had an issue with this simply needs to write a well worded (code for no generalizations, exaggerations or judgements....just the facts) to:

Ruben Rodriguez VP of Guest Experiences
Carnival Cruise Lines
3655 NW 87th Avenue
Miami, Fl. 33178

This situation is unexceptable and warrants compensation.

The very few times that we had an issue that warranted compensation....Carnival has been more than fair in our opinion.

It may take 6 weeks...but I recommend SNAIL MAIL because it has always worked better for me.

As long as a cruiser is realistic in their expectations....I do not believe they will be disappointed.

I have always started my letters with all the positives (because there are always lots of them)...and then add: "however the reason for my letter is...." I try to explain the situation in such a way that the reader can put themselves in my situation. Again, no judgments, etc. Just the facts in a good tone.