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Welcome back, Cruiseonly I'm so glad you returned my ship We'll be on the same itinerary in just a couple of weeks. Sorry you had rain, Cozumel is such a great port. We're going to snorkel in Belize, it's one of my favorite snorkel areas. We plan to do 7 mile on our own in Grand Cayman, and will either do Tabayana Beach or Foster's in Roatan. I'm glad the shows were good, I'm bringing a first time cruiser with me and I hope she enjoys cruising as much as I do. Of course, good weather always helps, so I'm praying that we'll have as many nice days as you did.

I guess you enjoyed the Valor since you've sailed her twice. I've not sailed on her before, so am very excited to get on board!

Thank you for your review, it sounds like you had a marvelous time! Best wishes and please let us know which cruise you decide on next.