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HI there again. Three more days. If I dont get any sleep that is all I will do when I board. HA HA, I have never been so excited for a trip. Maybe because its been years since I was alone without kids. A year ago when I married my husband, we didnt even get a honeymoon (meaning a night without kids--expected I guess with a blended family)

I wish that I could just talk to one person who visited the perfume factory as grandma is really pushing for this.
Grandma is going to do a Land,Sea Excurison when we arrive.
I now have the whole day with hubby and must really figure out what the two of us can do alone besides find a pink beach. ha ha
At 8pm we are going on the glass bottom tour.

Anyone have any ideas for a great day alone with my hubby?
I spent over an hour ironing yesterday and folding clothes. I am off to do more ironing.