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Thanks for all your feedback. We are senior cits and have done much travelling but need to return to UK for a while next year. My husband can no longer fly for health reasons so we are looking at alternatives. Time not critical. I'd love to go via Mongolia or the Silk Route but he's not so keen. Sailing back through Panama would be preferable (I've done it the other way) and we'd love to do more travel in US, so other things are not a problem. The main problem is getting there and I think via Pacific would be the most sensible. I'm sure I've seen ships go via Japan in the past, but can't find anything at the moment. Friends of ours have just come back from Hawaii on the Rhapsody of the Seas and said they were bored as there were only four ports in 3 weeks. We prefer the smaller ships. I have been looking at freighter travel but haven't been able to find anything in the Pacific. Will check the ones listed, thanks.