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On a 7 night cruise, about how much of the Carnival Cash do that credit to your account? It says that I qualified for up to $240 in Carnival Cash. Do you receive the amount per person, or does it go on the main person's account?
"If" you qualified for the new promotion by booking one of the sailings it is available on, whoever you booked with or through should know the amount you are qualified for. The amount is supposed to be on a per person basis. I'm not sure yet how it's going to work as far as who's folio will get the credit onboard. I can only go by what they have noted about it being per person. They only started this yesterday.

Since it is a refundable credit it can be easily split at the Info desk should a problem arise. It's the non-refundable credits that can be a problem sometimes. They put those on the folio of the first person listed on the reservation and can't readily split them onboard without Miami's approval.

I want some Carnival Cash on my next cruise.