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Grand Turk
The port at Grand Turk is very commercial. Lots of shopping, with a large Margaritaville, which is where most cruisers will end up. This is where the party will be. There is also a nice beach close to the cruise ship dock,which will be very crowded.The island has very little else to offer unless you take an excursion. Some people on our boat did the carriage tour and were very disappointed. We did a bicycle tour and really enjoyed it. We donned helmets and took off on OLD bicycles with a local guide. We went past the old salt flats, stopped at the memorial to the space capsule, shopped away from the cruise port, and swam on a beautiful beach (I think it was a National Park of some kind). This beach was deserted-only our group was there. It was very interesting and educational. The cruise port area is very clean and pretty but the rest of the town is pretty gritty. I did enjoy sighting some wild donkeys and horses-right in people's backyards! Snorkeling and diving is supposed to be really good also....