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Every time I log on the My Cruise page of our up coming cruises,all our cruise credits disappear, and there was a message that said the Crown and Anchor number does not match with the names. We couldn't access the Crown& Anchor page either.

I remember seeing the same message on My cruise back in 2009. Being the new cruiser I was, I did not think anything of it and did not call or do anything about it.I know it was my fault.

Now with the upcoming cruises, the same thing happened. We called C&A like 12 times. It turns out that when we registered with C&A,they have mine and my husband's name with the whole thing. Last, middle,and first name on the record.

Now the RCI web site only asks for your last and first name when you book cruises. So of course the system does not recognize the names, and says that we have no history of sailing with them before

We've called so many times and when they fix it, it works for a couple days, then the same message appears again!

We even made copies and sent in all the old sea passes, C&A cards, along with the letter explaining the situation and asking them to fix it. We sent out two letters; one to C&A and the other to Miami. We heard nothing from C&A, but got the call from a very nice lady from Corporate offices in Miami. We talked and she transferred us to C&A with a promise that the problem was going to be fixed. The person on C&A number line said, "Okay, we'll straighten out everything and there shouldn't a problem anymore, but next time, if you need something call us directly."

You would think that after all the trouble we have gone through, the problem would be solved, but nope. We still have the same problem! I called again today and within 5 minutes we could see our C&A number and cruise credits. But I know it will only work for 2 or 3 days, same as always

I give up,no more calling.I'm so tired of explaining the same old things to the same people (I recognize the name) all over again!
Do they have a C&A office on the Liberty ? Do you guys think they will help me with this problem? I'm so,so sorry for whining,but I'm just so disappointed with the way C&A handled this.

Do you guys have any advice for me?
Thanks in advance!
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