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Not entirely true.

They changed how they did the Captain's party. In the past they held this on formal night before dinner. Free drinks and appetizers. Now instead of the Captain and officers standing in a line in from of the lounge the party was being held in and shaking hands, they now use the entire promenade deck to have the "party". So the captain and officers are milling about and are more accessible to talk to the guests and have pictures taken etc. They don't have free drinks at this event (they do have discounted drinks available). Then they have a free drink party on the last night of the cruise. (I forget what they call this party). So they still have the free drinks but its no longer at the Captains Gala party.

They also have the past guest party where they offer the free drinks and appetizers. And this has not changed.

It is different, but it does actually work better in my opinion. They don't have everybody trying to cram into the aft lounge before dinner.
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