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Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it. We are embarking from Rome, we're going there 2 days ahead of the cruise so we do more site seeing then we take the cruise and head out first to etc...My husband and I we want to do see and do things by mostly walking around if it's Majorca and Monte Carlo I think will be good choice specially that we love the seashore;for Barcelona, yes you're right, it's not a small place, and we'ld rather get the hop on/off bus to get us where we want to go and check out the places
Did you have any language problems in Spain? I can manage with French and I foudn out that Italians have picked up English as well..
Will trainers do for walking?? I think our feet will toast a bit more in Italy but we've got all night to energize again. Anyone shopped in Majorca and Monte Carlo?