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Even if they are crooks. I got caught up in an extortion scheme in the Philippines, which involved a local cop and a bar owner. The cop had stopped me in the bar and taken my military ID. He knew I would get an automatic 30 day restriction to the base if I lost it, and the bar owner was going to claim I assaulted him unless I paid them off. So I did and got my ID back. Sometimes you just can't win and need to be smart enough to know it. I could have easily found myself in the Olongapo City jail, and then in trouble with my command, and none of them would have listened if I said the cop was crooked. I learned a lesson and was more choosy about where I drank after that.
The same type of thing happened to me in Tiajuana,Mexico after 2 buddies and I were jumped from behind by 6 locals!(we were walking back to the border! ) It was the Americanos that the Nationales
busted, hauled us to the calaboso, and after 6 hours took us into court where with no charges posted we were each fined exactly $5.00 less than what we had in each of our wallets (which they had confiscated). Then we were put into cabs and taken to the US border -strangely the cab fare was $5.00 each!! Talk about a racket!!! One needs only to view Cheech Marin's movie "Coming to America" to see what the Tiajuana Jail is like - it is very accurate!!!

At least our military ID's were still in the wallets!! To this day I will not vacation in Mexico- but a day visit from a cruiseliner is the only way I will go!!