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Hi MaryLou, welcome to Cruise-Chat! Sorry to hear that one suitcase didn't make it home, but it's better that way than not making it to the ship.

I had a suitcase go missing on a direct flight from Dallas/FTW to San Juan and spent the first 3 days of my cruise without my clothes. Turns out my suitcase went to Seattle then Hawaii, then finally caught up to me in St. Thomas. This was long before valet service and I had personally carried it to the airport, checked it in at the counter, watched her tag the suitcase, saw it go out the conveyor belt, but didn't see it again when I landed in San Juan. I know this doesn't help you, but maybe will make you feel a little better

We hope you will continue to post on our board and hope you had a marvelous time, except for the missing suitcase!