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Buyer beware... problems with CBM Park and Sail.

They damaged our SUV and refuse to pay for it.

This company has been sited many times all over the Internet. Please see this article:,0,5250959.column

They have 12+ complaints unanswered with the BBB and now I see they have several complaints on cruise forum sites.

Here is a link to pictures of the damage they did to our SUV when we left it parked with them and took a 4 day cruise.

They also left us standing for 2+ hours waiting for pickup after the cruise. No less than 3 of their shuttles refused to take us to their car because we were not on their pickup list. There were other people waiting too. We finally had to take a taxi to their lot only to find our car damaged in two spots.

Here is how they responded to our claim:

We have investigated your complaint of alleged damages to your vehicle and have found no negligence nor liability on Cbm's part,although our Parking Contract clearly depicts the extend the limits of liability we investigate every single complaint.

Regarding your experience in the Port of Miami having to wait for such a long time,this is inexcusable and you had to also take a taxi to pick up your vehicle, you will be refunded $32.00 for the taxi as we understand is what you have said to our counter rep and also a 15% discount off your parking charges.

R. Simon
Cbm Park & Sail