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I have to agree with Raoul on this one. Whilst i appreciate your point in someone topping up the fridge at what point do you draw the line? Should we go and tip the cleaners or some of the folks who work in the engine room? Every member of staff works hard to make sure the passengers are looked after because if they don't the don't have a job.

Paul and Darryl there are a lot of crew on these ships from not so wealthy backgrounds however does that mean we should just tip them because we may be wealthier than them? What about the all Amercian crew on NCL going around Hawaii, does anyone know about the tipping policies for these people?

I agree with Raoul, cruiselines should pay decent wages to their staff and crew even if it means more expensive cruises.

I dont want to sound miserable, however if i receive good service (which we have normally always done) then I would like to show my appreciation for that person by financial reward which is usually far more than the recommended amounts.

My wife called NCL on our return to ask them about the gratuity policy. She was told by NCL that all crew have set payments from NCL regards tips and salary which NCL pay directly to them. The money that passengers pay is put into a seperate fund and paid out periodically to the crew who are entitled to money from tips.
However, when pressed, NCL said that if there was not enough money in the fund to cover these costs then NCL would make up any shortfall.